Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Plasma Generators finished

Hello all. 

You may have been following my journey with the MDF Plasma Generators I purchased from eBay. Well they are finished now and here they are. 

I used some wide straws from IKEA for the tubes instead of the block square Perspex that comes with the set. 

Then I sprayed with Mechanicum Standard grey. I added chipping with a mix of 1:1:1 chaos black, dryad bark and warlock bronze. 

I then airbrushed jade green to horrid green as if the light was coming from the tubes themselves. 

I followed it up with White scar for the tubes themselves. 

That's it then. 

Onto another 3 Vlka Fenryka and the next battle report for me :)

Drake Seta

Monday, 29 August 2016

Weekly Progress Report 29/08/2016

Hello all. Another week down. Let see what our Bunnies have been up to:

Darien has finished assembling the remain units for his SoH First Company and has picked up the paint brush again. He has started working on the Mastodon, the first layers of red are now done and he has done the bulk silvers in the interior of the tank. Work on getting the silvers done on the outside will hopefully be starting today. 

Atia finished her Tactical Squad (which shall be featured next week) and also started to work on her Gal Vorbak. She converted enough to have 10 and started to paint them already

Drake Seta has been working on two objective bits of terrain for an upcoming battle. He purchased the plasma generators from an eBay store. He will be doing them with a OSL Glowing plasma effect so hopefully you will see them complete soon. 

Kaelo, Aveinus, Tylar, King Fluff and Castiel have been busy so no progress to show from them. 

Here's to next week!!

Who doesn't love free!

Hi all

Just got an email that made me very happy and solved my "when should I get Kill team and who should I sell the 40k miniatures to?" Dilemma. 

So I purchased the old kill team rule set as a digital edition a while ago, read it, never played it. So reading the following email is fantastic news! 

Thanks ever so much GW!!

Drake Seta

Friday, 26 August 2016

Pre-Heresy Iron Hands: Contemptor Dreadnought

Hello everyone,

I'm back with a short post to show you my completed contemptor dreadnought! Its been a project that has taken a while to complete but that is mainly down to me working a lot recently and worrying about using purity seal!

So here he is, I haven't had a chance to think about a back story but I hope you like the model.

I have decided to go with a cleaner look than my previous contemptor which is in line with what my newer units now look like compared to the more battle damaged look I started off with.

I decided to go for fewer transfers on this model due to it already having a lot of iconography and I also went with a smaller version of the sorrgol transfer, which I think is also an improvement.

I have again had to use different lighting for the sides as the shoulders catch the light badly.

The main problem with my Iron Hands at the moment is applying the purity seal to the entire army. It could potentially ruin some of my models if I get it wrong so I have decided to take it slowly and do plenty of testing.

Before spraying I followed advice from Kaelo, Drake and other people who have used it before me and settled on:

- Leaving the model outside or wherever you spray for 15 minutes or so to let the model acclimatise to the correct temperature.
- Shake the can for 5 minutes, this is majorly important!
- I then placed it in a tub of warm water for a few minutes (without wetting the top of the can) I'm not sure if this helps a lot but i've been told it does.
- Then I shook the can for another five minutes, flipping it upside down and shaking it that way too.
- Finally I sprayed the model lightly from the recommended distance on all sides and from above.
- I did this in separate sprays where I sprayed the model in a passing motion.
- You could do another pass but it depends on the look you want and your confidence.

So pretty happy with how the purity seal went, I think I could have done a better if I was more confident, but its a good first try and I didn't ruin the model! :).

Thanks for reading,

Aveinus Kaane

Video: Mastodon Heavy Assault Tank

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Finally, the Mastodon is up for pre-order on the Forgeworld Site. They also posted a video for their Sons of Horus one:

I know that we have two Mastodons for the blog, so stay tuned for the next weeks :)

Are you hyped for some heavy siege warfare? Write us in the comments below!

Lady Atia

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Sons of Horus First Company Update 22

Hello all!

Having struggled to find some hobby time recently, it was really good to finally sit down and get some good hobbying in! I have now managed to finish assembling what I had left for my First Company. The only thing left to add is some rocks on the bases and hopefully I can get them base coated in the next week.

First up to finished was the 10 Reavers, with these guys completed it brings me up to 30 Reavers. The 10 that I have completed include 6 Special weapons, 2 for each unit of 10. I included 4 meltaguns and 2 plasma guns.

The First Company wouldn't be complete without the characters to lead it. Abaddon is the man that will lead the force most of the time but to add some more options I wanted to create some of the better known characters. To that end here are my interpretations of Kalus Ekkaddon (leader of the reavers) and Falkus Kibre (leader of the Justaerin). 

Kalus Ekkaddon: 

I have him armed with a lightning claw and a plasma pistol. These seem like good fits for his character. I believe that he was described in one of the books with a pistol and sword, but this seemed a bit to similar to standard reaver so I decided to go with something a little different. 

Falkus Kibre:

Originally, you may have seen, I had him armed with a sword and volkite. I liked this but I didn't quite feel right, a sword and volkite didn't seem brutal enough for Kibre. I swapped it out for a combi-bolter and thunder hammer. 

Last up in the construction queue were 2 dreadnoughts. I had planned to use these 2 models elsewhere in other projects but I couldn't work out which legion or project they would fit with, so decided that they would fit well with the First Company. 

Deredeo with auto cannons and missile launcher. 

Leviathan with cyclonic melta lance and siege drill. These 2 will add some extra fire power to the Company and provide some anti tank, which will free up the Justaerin and reavers to take on the infantry. 

Next up will be getting these base coated ready for painting. Once that's complete everything that I had planned for the First Company will be undercoated and they will be one step closer to completion. 

I will be having a break from painting the SoH though as I need to spend some time getting some Orks painted ready for my local clubs tournament at the end of September, as well as getting a few bits ready for an upcoming campaign with Kaelo. I have 2 Trukks, 10 boyz and 1 nob that I need to complete but I will add in a few extra of each to help boost my painted numbers! 

Happy hobbying!


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Kaelo Rylanus; Dark Furies

Hello bunnies!!

I hope that you are all well and that the Gods of painting and gaming are favouring you lol

Today I wanted to take a closer look at one of my completed Raven Guard units, the Dark Furies!

When I first played with these (admittedly with their old rules) I was tremendously underwhelmed with them. The new Red Book has given them a new lease of life though by giving them Raven's Talons as standard.

So, not only are they highly mobile, they sting like a bitch on any turn they charge! With buffs to strength (through legion traits - Furious Assault), initiative, master-crafted, rend, shred and 4 attacks, these really become a nightmare for heavier  Mechanicum units and Elites!

My favourite 2 stories for them came during Throne of Skulls 2016. First was in my second game where they charged and decimated Michaels Castellax - a unit which was terrifying me! - and then in my third game where they charged Curze and some Raptors. Kyle rolled some great dice and both units disappeared leaving Curze as the sole survivor with 3 wounds remaining. Truly a game changing unit if they get to combat. Just wish they had artificer armour lol.

The models themselves are beautifully designed but I think some of the poses look a bit clumsy...the shoulder pads and helmets are my favourite part of the design. I would like to buy some more in the future to kitbash into an Assault Squad (if anyone has 10 pairs of MKVI assault arms let me know lol). It would also be kinda cool if they were scoring but I can understand that isn't their role and why there are fewer units in 30k that can claim objectives. 

They are good to be run in groups of 10...so why wouldn't you? Go buy some now lol! I will be plonking my Praetor with them for most battles (he has a jump pack so he can keep up!) too to make them even more killy.

What do you all think of the Dark Furies? How do you run yours? Is there anything I have missed in my rundown which is worth mentioning? 

Until next time, stay fluffy!


Ahriman Collectible card compared to new sprue

Hi. Thought I would compare any CCG art to the new sprue to confirm the character. 

Weapon: match. 

Helmet: match (tear and all). 

Tassels, trims and pturges: match. 

. . . . Yep. Ahriman. 

Drake Seta

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Khärn and a Thousand Sons Legionaire

Hi all

Been a good day for previews. GW has shown off a new Thousand Son Space Marine today and also a new Khärn the Betrayer!

Have a look!

So what are you all thinking? Ahriman?

Drake Seta

Monday, 22 August 2016

Pre-Heresy Death Guard: Plasma Cannon squad

Hi all. 

Hope you are all good out there. Here we go for another dip into the XIV Legion. 

Ever since I first laid my eyes on a Plasma cannon heavy support in Death Guard colours, in the Horus Heresy Card game, I knew I had to do one for my Legion eventually. 

The squad target the Rout as they approach. 

Hopefully I will get round to another 10 Death Guard Tactical Legionaires soon as well as a command squad and another Missile Launcher heavy support squad. But first. . . the VI Legion beckon. 

Drake Seta