Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Emperor's Children: Update 1


As you maybe aware I am starting work on my Emperor's Children. They have been a long while coming, as I purchased the models for them this time last year! I have opened packets, picked up clippers, knife and glue and started putting stuff together!

I decided that the best way was to go for some batch building for my feet on the ground so set about clipping 110 tactical marines (about 80 of them are for the EC, the other will be green SoH) off the sprue and separating all the bits into boxes to make the construction easier. I also washed all the resin upgrade sets that I had and got to work. So far I have managed to put together 18 marines.

I will be doing 4 squads of 15, the sergeants will all have power spears because they are cool! I will also be adding the top note to them, to help them stand out from the crowd.

I have a Sicaran and Rhino built as well, I haven't yet decided between etched brass or transfers for the legion symbols on them.

I will be building more tactical this week and will hopefully break the back of the construction on them! 

Happy Hobby!


Monday, 22 May 2017

Warhammer Fest Previews


This morning the Forge World have given us a preview of some new models that will be available to purchase first at Warhammer Fest this coming weekend and they look awesome!

First up a scenic base to recreate the epic dual between Magnus and Russ.

The second one is Amon of the Thousand Sons. The second character for them but the first from Forge World. He looks brilliant!! 

Warhammer Fest is shaping up to be a very exciting event with a ton of new models available for the first time! Several of the Bunnies are heading up and I'm sure many purchases will be made! 


Sunday, 21 May 2017

Weekly Progress Report 21/05/2017

Hi all

It's going to be an exciting week with lots of new models getting purchased. So let's see what has been gracing our tables this week. 

Ikthelion hasn't had much time for hobby this week, but managed to get a couple of games in with Darien's Sons of Horus - keep an eye out for some Battle Reports soon!

Hector has made a start on his new Chaos Dwarves BloodBowl team this week. He's built 6 blockers, 6 hobgoblins, 2 bull centaur and a minotaur and primed them all. He'll start base coating these soon.

Darien has been battling Ikthelion's Iron Warriors! He has also been working away at building Emperors Children!

I have been working on more Zone Mortalis themed or compatible terrain. This week I have completed the new Servohaulers crane unit. I have quite a lot of content backed up now and finished. So expect a lot more of me through June. 

Drake Seta

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Lady Atia's Squats - Numeri Khazadrim Warlord and Clan Warriors

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Today I want to show you a little update for my Squats (also known as the Numeri Khazadrim in imperial high gothic!).

Numeri Khazadrim Warlord

The ancient standing armies of the Khazadrim Strongholds are lead in battle by a Warlord or Thane. Usually accompanied by an unit of Hearthguard, these warriors are glad in an artificer crafted form of Exo-pattern Power Armour - piece of art that might reval even these of the Legiones Astartes' Praetors.

Numeri Khazadrim Clan Warriors

The bulk of a Numeri Khazadrim force is made up by Clan Warriors equiped for close combat, aswell as long range oriented Thunderers. Clan Warriors wear void hardened carapace armour not unlike these used by the Solar Auxilia, derived from a combination of mining suits and a power generator.

Most Clan Warrior units have up to three special weapons - in this case the deadly Grav-Distorters. Developed during the Age of Isolation, at the time of the Great Crusade the Mechanicum worked on their own versions based upon the Squat's Distorters. It should be only after the horrors of the Horus Heresy that these weapons would be mass produced and used by the newly created Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes.

Next on my painting table are 15 more Clan Warriors aswell as 10 Thunderers and the Anti-grav frigate - stay tuned :)

Lady Atia

New releases 19/05/2017 - and Sneak Peaks

Hi all

Lots of stuff coming for Blood Bowl and 30K. Let's have a gander. 

Pre-production model still . . . you know what I think still. So let's move on . . .

Custodes Hravy Dreadnought! It looks awesome!!

Can't wait for this one. All about Horus bringing a world to compliance without anything but a threat of what happened to a previous world. 

Magnooos. Looks awesome. I would have still liked to have seen him with the nipple horns. Kinda' shows him as less of a CC Primarch in my opinion. 

A great looking Ork special team. I love how FW do upgrade parts for BB. It's what they do best!

Skaven booster pack is on my list. I need some more Gutter Runners. 

White Dwarf and the Black Gobbo!

A mousepad material pitch! I hope they consider the other ones too. 

And Goblin characters!

There are some other awesome AoS and Lord of the Rings bits coming out too, but we don't have time for everything at Battle Bunnies lol!!!

Ok also FW have put up the new Custodes tank for pre-order!

Drake Seta 

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Warsmith Astraeus Dyradon

Hi all,

I wanted to share some background about Astraeus Dyradon, the leader of my Iron Warriors (Well, he leads them when Perturabo isn't around!). I really enjoyed converting this chap and made use of parts from several different kits to get him looking how I wanted him to. When I play him on the tabletop, he's a Warsmith in Cataphrtactii Terminator Armour with a Servo Arm, Master-Crafted Paragon Blade, Digital Lasers and a Grenade Harness - He's very killy, but does occasionally get squashed by Power Fists!

Let me know what you think.


Astraeus Dyradon
Warsmith of the 9th Grand Company
Spear Bearer, The World Burner, The Bastard of Actaeon

Despite his many achievements as a Warsmith of the Iron Warriors, Astraeus Dyradon has never been able to escape his past. An illegitimate child of Actaeon, one of the twelve Tyrants of Olympia, Astraeus was never acknowledged by his father which is perhaps the sole reason he was spared following Perturabo’s conquest of his city-state. Like many young males, upon The Emperor’s arrival at Olympia, Astraeus was put forward for the trials to be inducted into the Iron Warriors. Those around him referred to Astraeus as The Bastard once his questionable parentage became known, a moniker which has stuck with him since.

The Iron Warriors’ approach to war under Perturabo’s command provided ample opportunity for rapid advancement through the ranks if a Legionary were both astute and lucky enough; fortunately, Astraeus was both. He quickly rose to the rank of Sergeant as part of a company restructure following battlefield casualties, and was soon made a Captain after his repeated successes during compliances.

As a Captain Astraeus displayed an innate understanding of how to best manage men and resources; this led to his deployment to one of the smaller expeditionary fleets away from the main body of the Legion, essentially giving him his own command.

Astraeus’ fleet successfully prosecuted a number of difficult compliances within a short period of time, with casualties being within parameters deemed more than acceptable by the Primarch. As more and more worlds fell to Astraeus’ fleet, his men started referring to him as The World Burner, though behind closed doors, he was still known as The Bastard. As reports continued to reach the Primarch of Astraeus’ successes, he was eventually recalled to the main body of the Legion and made a Warsmith. Astraeus was given the Spear of Olympia upon his ascension to his new rank; a weapon crafted by Perturabo’s own masterful hand, and surely a sign of his rising favour within the Legion.

Though Astraeus had hoped to ride this wave of favour to achieve the coveted rank of Triarch, he was to be disappointed as Perturabo immediately dispatched him back to the front lines away from the body of the Legion once again. Astraeus chose to interpret this as the Primarch having faith in his ability to command his own Expeditionary Fleet, however, in his darker moments he couldn’t dismiss the thought that the Primarch would never excuse his parentage, and that as the son of a former enemy he would never be fully trusted.

Astraeus has not given up hope of joining the Trident; as the Iron Warriors converge on Olympia at Perturabo’s command, there are rumours that the world has rejected Imperial rule – Astraeus knows he will do whatever is necessary to secure his Primarch’s trust in him, and gain the rewards that follow. 

The Lord of Iron and The Bastard fight side by side to put down loyalist Death Guard and their Knight allies

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Hector Cephas; Hobby planning and dealing with a lack of inspiration

Hey guys,

It seems that despite my frankly awesome start to the year with my World Eaters project, I've unfortunately landed myself in a hobby rut. It has has felt like a disaster but it has got me thinking about what went well with my World Eaters project, what went badly, what I need to improve and so on and this made me think of work...

That's no bad thing - I've got an awful lot of experience in project planning as a software engineer and more specifically, I have experience in various development lifecycles. For example, my World Eaters project was done almost in using Waterfall (admittedly unconsciously!):
  1. I worked out my requirements...
  2. ...planned the project...
  3. ...ordered everything in and did everything according to the plan (including weekly milestones to achieve so I had something new to show in the weekly progress reports)...
  4. ...made sure everything was good to go (checking if my basing etc were all completed and nothing missed from my original requirements)...
  5. ...and pretty much signed it off with time to spare.
And this made sense as I had a specific set of requirements and a specific deadline (ToS) up-front so it made it easy to do and it worked really well in my opinion.

However, since ToS, I haven't done nearly as much hobby stuff. I've kinda been pottering around, doing odds and sods and not really getting anywhere and the reason for this is that I am missing both the hobby goal and a deadline so what I did earlier this year won't work unless I fix that - easier said than done! I always had the inspiration and desire to do my World Eaters, just no deadline to do it for.

Where am I going with this? Well, I have a project I've been setting myself up for (Custodians) and a deadline that I'd like to complete them by (~22nd September - a week before the campaign weekend I advertised last week). However, I don't feel ready to do the project as I'm not entirely happy with my own requirements so doing it the Waterfall way isn't going to work - especially if i started on it right now. What I feel I need to do is take on a smaller project and use that to drive the Custodes one - I'm going to do a proof of concept by doing a Blood Bowl team:
  1. It's a squad of characters so I need to paint some things en-mass but ultimately the detailing has to be done model by model - just like with the Custodes to do them justice
  2. I can use the a similar colour scheme to what I intend to do for the Custodes to make sure I am happy with it - I am currently unsure how well I can do it
  3. It hopefully will give me enough momentum to push me into the Custodes project and hit the ground running with a more well refined project and confidence that I can complete it too.

So yeah, hopefully you'll see a hobby update from me this week as I make a start on that.

I feel this post probably will give you more insight into how I plan my projects more than anything else but I hope it does help anyone who feels a bit lost in what they want to do with their hobby projects. If you have a different approach to planning a project, write a comment below as I'd be very interested to hear from you - I feel I could improve my productivity but I haven't got myself to a happy medium as I can go from doing nothing to doing a hyper condensed project and then back to doing nothing instead of going at a more leisurely pace to achieve the same end result in a similar time frame.

Until next time!

Hector Cephas 

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Bloodvar Cup Team: Da Blue Boyz

Good evening iron clad inflated squig fans!

The Bloodvar Cup, sponsored by Bloodvar - the home of beer that tastes
like blood! - is proud to introduce you to the Blue Boys! Hailing from
the inhospitable regions around Black Orc Pass.  They have all the
unfortunate traits of their race, this includes the inability to see
further than their fists.  The Blue Boys are a new team, fresh from
slaughtering hardy Dwarves and Empire Troops, eager to make a smash on
the Blood Bowl League!

The team currently consists of:

1 - Throwa - Dagga Gutstompa
2 - Throwa - Grug Teefsmasha
3 - Black Orc - Snagod Eadbasha
4 - Black Orc - Gasher Slashbanger
5 - Blitza - Razorface Necksnappa
6 - Blitza - Gotrog Fister
7 - Lineboy - Hurta Bonebreaker
8 - Lineboy - Gorsnik Gobstompa
9 - Lineboy - Zagzrug Stuntysmasher
10 - Lineboy - Heddrak Teefsmasha
11 - Lineboy - Zagruz Necksnappa
12 - Lineboy - Sluggard Deathskull
13 - Lineboy - Gazark Fistsmasha (was too busy fighting to get a picture done)

We are lucky enough to have a syndicated report from Bob Bobbinson and
the coach Snotpicker Crotchscratcher of the blue boys
Bob Bobbinson:  So facebitter, how do you think the blue boys will do?
facebitter Snotfinga: its da bloo boyz, blooming can't speak poppa
Bob Bobbinson: urn, sorry about that Facebitter, do you have any
interesting and game plans mapped out?
facebitter Snotfinga: Nah, we is gunna punch the others teams in da
face.  We is da strongest.  Dos utha yella orcs is wimpy too.  Weez
gunna step on dem.  Dem, fancy pointies need a good squishing to.
Wees is gonna step on da ijuts dat fall down too!
Bob Bobbinson: So, orc tend to be less agile on the pitch than other
teams, how do you plan on getting the ball over the line?
facebitter Snotfinga: Wots da ball?
Bob Bobbinson: You get the ball over the line to score
facebitter Snotfinga: ......
Bob Bobbinson: To win the trophy?
facebitter Snotfinga: Der is a tropy?
Bob Bobbinson: Yes
facebitter Snotfinga: Can u hit stuff wiv it?
Bob Bobbinson: ......

So yes, interesting stuff from the Blue Boys camp.