Saturday, 24 September 2016

The Great Crusade: Enemies of the Emperor

Good afternoon all.

After writing my post last week it occurred to me that I'd been a Battle Bunny for nearly a year. I started reflecting on the day I sat down with Kaelo and Drake to discuss projects I was working on that they wanted to have a home on the Battle Bunnies blog, and it occurred to me that after nearly a year I haven't as yet made good on any of those things.

You've seen a lot of Mechanicum from me and some legion but what I'm really interested in is offering a genuine flip side to legion forces to truly make the Great Crusade a feasible gaming experience.

As you know I'd spent a fair few years (almost 10 years ago now) at the forefront of pre-heresy gaming as part of a fringe and moderately exclusive group of gamers, I had lots of fun converting and scratch building models for legion forces (and towards the end Mechanicum forces too) it was after playing several campaign weekends that I started to feel that legion vs legion or human vs human was a little limited in its scope so I began the Enemies of the Emperor project.

The project was an attempt to provide more flavour to heresy era games but to form the main stay of any pre-heresy games set during the Great Crusade era.

Cue the bad guys (or in fact the guys oppressed and destroyed by an invading alien army).

The project initially started with the Laer, I was captivated by how alien they were and how they tied in seemlesley in to the 40k universe. After researching them in the novel Fulgrim and digitally sketching them out I decided to write rules for them which matched the fluffy descriptions of them in the book. From there it snowballed and after about 9 months I had a book of 6 unique alien races, with unique wargear and special rules. The book went through vigorous play testing at my FLGS and I was finally happy to get it saved as a PDF to share around.

The first draft took a while as each new novel presented more races or more info on races previously introduced. I trawled through each book in order to get the rules and descriptions as accurately as possible - as it was also my intention to build a 1000pt force for each of the races in order to play games. Then the inevitable happened - I started book 2. There was such a wealth of character out there in the Heresy novels that 6 races just didn't cover it - so book 2 (and another 6 races were nessecary).

The first book looked at the Laer, The Nurthene, The Nephilim, The Olamic Quietude, The Storm Scions and the Megarachnids. To date I have an army for the Megarachnids, half an army for the Nephilim and sone units made for the other races.

In the new book I'm focusing on The Demiurg, The Keylekid, The Jorgall, The Hrud, The Exodites and the Interex. I've begun models for the Jorgall, Keylekid, Demiurg and Hrud but as you can imagine it's a big job for one man 😊
Here's a line up of some of the models I'm working on. 
(L-R Megarachnid Warrior, Keylekid, Nephilim, Jorgall, Storm Scion Militiaman, Hrud day warrior and an imperial fist space marine - for scale)

What I would like to do is every so often show you the progress that I'm making with each army - and possibly farm out the painting of some to the other Battle Bunnies to paint up for the blog and potential campaigns and one off battle reports.

So if you too would like to build and play an army firmly enshrined in the Great Crusade era that isn't fighting for the Emperor then I'm happy to help where I can - it would be great to see lots of variety out there and who knows there might be events in the future where we can pit aliens against each other and against legion forces.

Here's the link to the Great Crusade Book 1 - Conquest:

I will be revisiting the book in the near future with amendments to the Nephilim human forces and a few little tweeks but for now it's a completely usable addition to 30K gaming.

Here's some page previews of the new races from Book 2 - Conflict but they are mainly untested as yet so may well change in the future.

Well I hope I've whet your appetite for more Xenos and insurgents in the coming months and look forward to showing you a bit more of the process involved in each respective army along the way.

Remember: if you can't beat em join em.


Friday, 23 September 2016

Leman Russ, The Wolf King, Lord of Winter and War

Hello Bunnies

So check this guy out! I think we all knew Russ was going to be a popular Primarch and FW have really produced a model to live up to it.

First available at the European Open Day! What a treat for all our EU readers!

What do you all think of the model?


Thursday, 22 September 2016

Pre-Heresy Iron Hands: Cataphractii Terminators WIP

Hello everyone,

Just a quick update today, work hasn't been kind this week on my hobby time so I have little progress to speak off. However, I did decide to just concentrate on one model in order to figure out how the scheme will look on the Cataphractii Terminators.

This model has unfortunately been a bit of a test model so I think the other four will have a nicer finish. I have struggled to find the right colour for the leather? hanging from the shoulders and waist (I'm not sure what the correct word for these would be lol) So I did try going with white initially, however, I found it was almost too bright on the model and I didn't think it worked very well. I have used white throughout my Iron Hands force but it is just used for the cog iconography and the transfers. So having the leather in white made the model really stick out amongst the army and made it look out of place, as the white on my other models is quite subtle. I will be having some white on these models but it will come from having the white Iron Hands transfers on the knees.

Eventually I decided to go with a darker red for the leather, but I am still undecided on how I will highlight the red as I do want it to remain quite dark. I am probably going to get each model to this stage before I go any further and it is still a work in progress so there are still a few mistakes and highlights that need to be corrected and applied.

Hopefully over the weekend and next week I will be able to make some more progress and show you a more comprehensive post with more photos!

Thanks for reading,

Aveinus Kaane

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

WIP Warhound Titans; Torsos, heads and shin chevrons

Hi all

This is another update to my two Legio Mortis engines for my Bloodmire Maniple. 

I have Tamiya masking taped' up the left shin plates. I was tempted to just do them in one diagonal angle but I decided that those were for the War Maniple Warhound pack featured in Betrayal. I also note that the Warhounds all had the same shin marking in that pack sooooo I believe they are pack markings for the Warhounds within a battle maniple. 

I have decided to go for one white and one black head for the two ladies. 

Vallejo Brass is what I used. If I was to start from the beginning again I would be tempted by Retributor Gold as it is not too far off colour wise (and would go on better). 

All in all they are coming on well. I want one to have a red Carapace and the other to have a black one with possibly two white stripes. 

Anyway. Keep your eyes peeled. 

Drake Seta

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

30k Xenos: Orks

Hello all!

Having completed the Mastodon for my Sons of Horus, I needed to move onto getting some of my Orks painted. I am playing in a 40k competition at my local club over the weekend and needed a few more orks finished to make my list work. I had 7 boyz, 1 nob and 2 trukks to get done. The boyz and nob are done, I also took the time to rebase my other painted nobs onto 32mm. They look better on the bigger bases! The 2 trukks are well under way and I will be finishing these over the next few days.

The trukk in the background was one that I already had painted!

Current progress on the trukks. 

The orks will be featuring in an upcoming campaign with Kaelo. This has got us to thinking about the orks as a 30k army and how well they will match up to the with the legions. Are current plan is to use them straight from the current codex and see how they get on. I know a lot of people think that the orks were bigger and I plan to include more units of nobs than normal. I'm of the opinion that boyz would still have been around in large numbers. 

I would love to know what your thoughts are of orks in 30k and any experience you have in using them! 

If you're around this Saturday 24th my local club The Bastion in Basingstoke is holding an open day. I will be present demoing 30k, we have a few stores coming, a bring and buy and another 5-6 games being demoed to try out. Check it out on Facebook here.

Happy hobbying! 


Monday, 19 September 2016

Kaelo Rylanus; Raven Guard Drop Pod

Good evening Bunnies!

Tonight we are going to have a look at my Raven Guard Drop Pod. I have used the Forge World transfers to break the black up.

These pictures are from a deployment on the scorched agri-world of Hamir-Planus. The Raven Guard were deployed to strike quickly to stop Xenos filth from burning and destroying much needed produce for the pending Karrus Sector compliance. With lightning fast coordination, between Corax and the Wolf King, the Raven Guard and the Rout were able to destroy the alien threat and save the majority of the planets refineries and vast farmlands.

It is a really nice kit but a ball-ache to put together lol. Especially if you want the 'doors' to open.

Here it is with my favourite alpha strike unit. Useful for taking down enemy armour (which I don't field a lot of with the Raven Guard.

I like the hazard stripes around the door seals. It is a kit with a lot of fiddly detail bits and I think that the addition of the stripes is super fun.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my post! I will see you all again soon!

Stay tuned and stay fluffy!


New swag at the European 40k open day

Hi all. 

Sorcerous gamers rejoice. You no longer need to stand topless at the gaming table or drinking hot drinks from cupped hands!

Drake Seta

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Weekly Progress Report 18/09/2016

Hi all.

It's that time of the week again. 

Darien has been working on some orks. He has painted 7 boyz and a nob and is now hard at work on 2 trukks!

This week King Fluff has been working on some scenery as you may have seen earlier. He's also been working on  book 2 of his Great Crusade series focusing on Xenos races - particularly the Hrud. He will be play testing the rules soon in order to move on to the next race.

Hector has done a bit more work on his magnetised arms from last week and has started on his cargo containers. This week, he will continue doing more work on the magnetised arms to ensure the breachers are ready for the Shadow War campaign weekend.

Atia did spend some time to work on Zardu Layak this week. The Crimson Apostle is almost finished, only some minor details like the blood-chalices and the base are left to do.

Drake is plodding on relentlessly with his Warhounds. He has almost totally finished the legs (minus the oil wash and buff). 

Aveinus has been continuing to work on his cataphractii terminator squad, he's chosen to get one of the model to the almost completed stage to see how his scheme looks before starting the others. A post will show more progress soon

Kaelo, Castiel and Tylar have all been busy this week. Castiel has finished his next model and is ready to show him shortly. 

Drake Seta

Friday, 16 September 2016

Hector Cephas - an introduction

Hi all!

Thank you Kaelo for the introduction last week but considering that all everyone knows is my favourite unit (the Legion Breacher Siege Squad), I think a full introduction is overdue so let’s do that!

I was always interested at a young age but I didn’t really know anyone who played so I ended up playing TCGs back then but now I have a lot of friends who all wargame, the door finally opened up for me. In August 2012, I had a demo game at my local Games Workshop and I was hooked, next thing I knew, I had a Dark Vengeance starter set on order, and a whole bunch of Grey Knight stuff as I liked the aesthetics (Dreadknights!).

Fast forward about year, I started looking at collecting a new army and for inspiration I started reading the Horus Heresy series and the odd 40k book here and there and Space Marines just became an obvious choice for me, particularly the Imperial Fist chapter so I started collecting them.

I love their siege warfare specialisation, it felt like a natural fit for my playstyle (defensive rather than offensive play, anti-vehicle/building armaments, siege tanks…) and as I learnt more and more about their history, it highlighted also how multi-dimensional they really are – just look at their successor chapters (i.e. the Black Templars and Crimson Fists). When their legion rules came out for Horus Heresy, I was so glad that this was accurately represented and funnily enough I bought an awful lot of marines from Forge World and started building my legion.

I originally started my legion with the Siege of Terra in mind but with all the stuff that Polux was involved in – the Battle of Phall, his involvement in Imperium Secundus (Pharos) – it was hard to ignore the wider war so I’ve been expanding to include other elements and have been considering creating a shattered legion army to introduce other legions into my collection (Ultramarines to team up with Polux for instance).

I also have other armies sitting on the side-lines currently that I can make use of here in the Heresy – I’ve got a Knight Household that I am currently in the process of deciding which household they are (most likely a custom one as there isn’t really enough 30k lore on the knights in my opinion and it will be easier to introduce them into my fluff to support any of my other armies). I also have a cultist army that is a work in progress – using the Age of Sigmar Khorne Bloodbound models from the starter set I have built up quite a horde of berserkers that could be used as a traitor army or even a chaos corrupted human population on an uncompliant world for a great crusade scenario.

Looking forward, I’m really looking forward to sharing my love of the Imperial Fists with you all by showing you elements of my army and possibly even starting up tactics discussions. I’m also planning on showing you all other parts of my hobby work as I am looking at working on the scenery for my Realm of Battle board (buildings, fortifications, cargo containers, even random scatter terrain as I feel the little details really help make a board look great!).

Until next time!

Hector Cephas

Thursday, 15 September 2016

What's in the box? Pt2: Containment protocol - accomplished

Good evening all. 

Glad to be back in the saddle from my brief hiatus and looking to get some hobby on.

Tonight I bring you a chunk of completed hobby (for a change I can all hear you shout). The last few days have seen me square away the first portion of containers that I started a while back.

As you may remember I used salt weathering for the first time on these as a means of testing out the process on something less than vital to my crusade era forces.

When I last posted this is where they were at...

Obviously this was only part done but as I was batch painting these it took a while to get the 9 upto this stage.

Even though I had brushed (vigorously) to remove the salt I found that, as I'd used cellulose paint and not an airbrush, some of the salt was resisting my attempts at removal...

Que the H2O..

After a brief dunk all the excess salt dissolved and was easily removed with a final cursory scrub.

Next stage was detailing and transfers. Very simply I painted the stud skulls with Valejo's Old Gold, dry brushed the keyboards and vents with Leadbelcher and painted the servo skulls with the same method as on my Night Lords; 

Steel legion drab wet brush
Argax earth shade wash
Karak stone wet brush
Ushabti bone dry brush
Skull white highlight

I then applied the transfers. I divided the crates into blocks of 6 and 3 so that the identification marks would cycle in lots of 6 - handy in future to use these as objectives in games. I went for generic Mechanicum for the simple reason that these will be used in lieu of buildings on my city fight table and as free standing scenery in my Zone Mortalis games, and as I have several armies it made sense to have the containers as equipment shipped from Mars to assist in the war effort (regardless of which side you're on).

Once the transfers were on it was time to try another new technique - the pin wash. I know a lot of great painters use this process (including our very own Drake Seta) but I'd never been brave enough to try it on anything other than test pieces. So I went in two feet first and eyes closed.

The first stage was sealing the paint - for this I used Purity Seal. I've read a lot of criticism about purity seal and to be honest I've never had an issue - however on this occasion I did. Half the containers started to frost up. I had read re-spraying immediately can reduce the effects - which I did and also to spray another varnish on also removed it - which I also did (with the Army Painter anti-shine matte varnish). Even after those salvage attempts some of the containers looked a little pink in places. I had to take it on the chin and move on, hoping the next stage might rectify the problem.

Next I mixed up some thinners with Burnt Umber oil paint (I stumped up for the good stuff). I mixed until it was the consistency of emulsion paint.

Then I applied a coat, covering all the containers parts in one pass.

By the time I'd coated all 9 the first one was ready to be rubbed within an inch of its life - I chose kitchen roll for this job, rubbing loosely all over then rubbing in one pass with my thumb in the triangular sections made by the ribbing on the container sides. I also paid extra attention to where the transfers were.

I found that a little thinners on a brush and a quick swipe across the transfers helped them to pop a little more.

And so the 9 containers were done...

And in situ on a gaming board section...

And a little fun...

Now it's just a case of repeating the process for at least another 9.

Hope you enjoyed seeing something actually finished for a change - something I hope to emulate in my next post concerning the boys in midnight clad.

And remember - never trust a skinny chef.

Peace out.